Downtown Des Moines Trail Map

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Problem: Redesigning the Downtown Des Moines Trails Map. The original trail map didn’t separate the individual trails and did not show any detailed areas. Also, the map lacked a definite way to measure distance.

Solution: A booklet with a built-in key to show each trail individually, with a composite map of all the trails on the back. There is a color-coded key that delineates each trail on the front and back, so it is visible however the map is used.

The audience I had in mind were residents of Downtown Des Moines, so they would be familiar with the landmarks I used as distance markers. I imaged this booklet being distributed at a newsstand, coffee shops, or quick-serve restaurants.

Rather than use a scale on the map, I figured it was intuitive for people to think of distance in terms of the space between destinations. I also included the distances of frequented trail loops, as people are likely to start and stop at the same place.


About ari curtis

A recent graphic design major and journalism graduate of Drake University, I am eager to continue my design education in the professional world.

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