John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park Catalogue

I created this catalogue as an assignment for my graphic design class. The catalogue features the sculptures in the John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park in Des Moines. Most of the photography is my own (I gave credit to the photographer who took the pictures I didn’t in the captions).

My goal for this catalogue was to make something that could sit on your coffee table. To me, that meant a big book with big, glossy pictures. I wanted this book to be about the artwork, so I tried my best to allow the design to accentuate rather than overpower the photos.

Conceptually, I started with the idea of creating a landscape–not only did I want to feature the sculptures themselves, but I also wanted to place them in the context of the park. Thus, the sculptures are sequenced according to the general area in which they’re located. I initially wanted each photo to show another sculpture in the background (and the next sculpture would be the background sculpture), but I thought that took away from the sculpture that was meant to be featured. And since the grass isn’t too pretty this time of year, I decided to take pictures with the sky in the background. That ended up being a driving theme throughout my book, which turned out nicely.


About ari curtis

A recent graphic design major and journalism graduate of Drake University, I am eager to continue my design education in the professional world.

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