CSU Mobile

The intern and I were charged with creating a look and feel for CSU’s mobile app. This was both a great collaboration and art direction experience for me, and I couldn’t be happier with the product. So far, we’ve got a great logo, with more materials to come. A brief synopsis of our process is below.

Along with identifying the audience, the first step in our process was to develop a visual language that invoked mobile elements. We wanted to include iconography that reflects both iOS and Android interfaces and—more importantly—iconography that holds up in print and digital media. We identified two major elements with these qualifications: grid structure and the classic icon shape—a square with rounded corners.

Like a good mobile app interface, it was important that the logo have a clean, highly legible appearance. As a new brand, it was also important that the name “CSU Mobile” was prominent. The pictorial elements would be secondary for the time being; however, when the brand is more recognizable, the iconography should be strong enough on its own.


About ari curtis

A recent graphic design major and journalism graduate of Drake University, I am eager to continue my design education in the professional world.

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